Keepin' It Real

What I’m Learning about Us

Well, it seems that my graduate career at the University of Florida is coming to an end. I honestly can’t explain how rewarding it has been to be a part of this program. If you are looking for a wonderful Online Art Ed Masters Program, look no further. The professors are engaged, passionate, and generally amazing to work with. I felt like I should share some of the things I have learned and am continuing to learn as my capstone research is concluding.

I started about five weeks ago with this blog, and while I don’t feel I was as active on the blog as I wanted to be (I usually set the bar a bit too high) I do feel like I’ve developed a new tool with which to improve my teaching. Blogging has provided me with a space to reflect on my teaching experience and to put to paper some of the things that roam around in my brain throughout the school year. After each blog post I feel less critical of my teaching practice and understand that “oh my gosh I’m actually a really good teacher.” I try hard and I genuinely enjoy what I do. And at the end of the day I get to go to work and teach art! ART! Not math, not science, not writing, but something that is innate to us all, hands-on, and fun! How lucky are we? I’ve found that blogging has really helped me keep that positive attitude! So Thanks blog..and anyone reading this!

Over the past year, I taught at an elementary school, it was the first time in my career where I was the only art teacher. I felt really lost and confused to not have a mentor or someone to work with that understands what my classroom is supposed to look like and how it is supposed to function. It was a rough year administratively, personally, and professionally, but I feel like actually taking the time to sit down and write on the blog or talk to my peers via social media about what was cluttering my brain about teaching completely changed my mindset about my job.

Having you all out there, wherever you are, talking to me, commenting on my Facebook questions, liking my Instagram posts, or just reading my blog made me feel like I’m not the only one struggling with things in my classroom. Isn’t it hard to feel that way? Like maybe you’re the only one having organizational, administrative, or management issues? Or like you’re the only one that can’t figure out how to get students in your classroom, instructed, protected by aprons, making art, and all cleaned up in 40 minutes? So thank you for just being out there and making me feel like I’m part of something much bigger than my own career, but part of a group of people that genuinely love what they get to teach every day!

I’m excited to be on my new journey this year! Another school and another fresh start with my little family unit. I’m looking forward to continuing this blog this year and to keep sharing what’s going on in my little world, so that I can hear about what’s going on in everyone else’s!

Enjoy the rest of summer!