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Getting Art Teachered!

Ah getting art teachered! If you’re a new art teacher listen up! We have all be asked in some form of “Oh you’re so creative and artsy would you mind….?” Insert specific task in there and there you have it, you’ve been art teachered!

Now being art teachered isn’t always a bad thing because sometimes you really don’t mind helping out a friend, but there are times when you actually CANT! So I saw this on facebook and thought I would share! It’s ways to say “no.” Useful when you don’t have time to make that poster, those dance decorations, or to fix someone’s necklace!


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 6.58.02 PM.png

Here’s the link for the PDF! Thanks Dr. Julie Hanks!┬áCheck out her website! I plan on listening to her book about burnout!



A New Art Room Saga

Hello everyone! Welcome to Chelsea-Anne Art! I’m starting this lovely blog here as a way to connect to my amazing fellow art educators!! Are y’all out there?!

As an art educator of five whole years…has it really been that long?!….I’ve felt indebted to the AWESOME and GROWING online art education community! Man we have each other’s back! So it’s time that I start giving back as well! I’m going to be uploading the things I learn in my art room and things I still need to work on. I’m hoping we can all help each other out!

Looking forward to hanging out with you all on this new adventure!

PS that’s me…attractive picture I know…but my first grade friends are awesome…and crack me up!